ravel x ooy


Apron by Ravel x Words and Felt by OOY

Apron by Ravel x Words and Felt by OOY

Sun and Stripes by OOY x Print and Border by Ravel

Sun and Stripes by OOY x Print and Border by Ravel

It's been a long time coming! Ravel Textiles and OOY combined our forces together to do an over-the-sea collaboration. But not just any collaboration, we did a blind one. We decided that we would send each other something we had already started working on and then make something that felt inspired.


"It is all a process of making. It is a process of coming together" - RAVEL


Technology is incredible, we were able to build something from 5,335 miles away. I loved working with Jamie & Lizzy. Over video chat conversations we discussed what it's like being women today and about being women who create. The idea of passing down skills to our families and who we've learned from. We talked about identity and being proud of who we are and who we've become.


I remember getting the package in the mail and finding an apron with tools printed all over it. It was so beautifully crafted, I didn't know what to add. After letting my mind brainstorm ideas, I finally started sketching.

Aprons are used in many ways and have different connotations. I wanted the apron to have a declaration of equality and empowerment. The equals sign reads "WE THE PEOPLE" and is meant to be a reminder that you are not alone, we are in this together. There are people who have your back and people who need your support. We have to work towards equality. The tools printed by Ravel are a rad reminder that you have what it takes.

After we finished our collaboration, we had a big reveal over video chat! I loved seeing the banner I sent turned into a beautiful quilt/wall hanging. Ravel has stellar craft and I enjoyed seeing it come together! I was excited to show Lizzy and Jamie what I had created from their "canvas."

Whether you hang the apron up like a banner, or wear it while making neat things, I hope it makes you feel empowered.

Thank you Jamie and Lizzy for doing this collaboration with me. You can buy these one-of-a-kind pieces HERE and HERE.

And the story behind their piece HERE.